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Micro Usb Memory Card Reader

This Micro Usb memory card Reader is practical for reading memory cards, the Reader provides a board and a self-contained engine. It can be connected to your computer and use your memory cards.

Usb C Memory Card Reader

This Usb c memory card Reader is unequaled for Reader memory cards running at high speed, featuring 26-in-1 Usb 2. This card Reader can easily and quickly read and charge your devices, with its small size, this card Reader is sterling for small spaces. Additionally, the mini form factor makes it beneficial for small devices, with its fast performance and large capacity, this memory card Reader is top-rated for all your memory card needs. The usb-c memory card Reader is an excellent addition to your computer, this device allows you to read and write to standard 3. 0 mm cards with data being accessible at umc speed, the card Reader also d social media cards which allows for straightforward sharing of files with friends and family. This Micro Usb otg to Usb 2, 0 adapter will allow you to easily connect to your micro-usb devices such as sd cards and without the need of a separate device or cable. Simply plug the Micro Usb otg to Usb 2, 0 adapter into a micro-usb port to start connecting devices. The adapter will detect and torment any micro-usb device, 0 adapter sd cardreader with standard Usb male is an enticing card Reader that can accept Micro Usb devices and connect them to your computer using the standard Usb port. The card Reader also renders a built-in fast forward and reverse button, so you can easily go through your photos or videos without ever having to worry about taking the time to open the card Reader himself.